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Why should I attend a Marriage Retreat / Conference ?

1) Time away from “regular” life:

We all need time alone with our spouse – and productive time away from our hectic schedules !

The average working person spends only 3 to 4 hours a day with their spouse – more often than not, this is after a long, exhausting day at work.

Marriage Retreats serve as the perfect opportunity for a short, quick, refreshing & purposeful getaway. 

2) Learn from other experienced couples: 

Experienced couples share their stories, challenges, lessons learnt, principles, timeless tips and practical wisdom.

Marriage Retreats, Conferences & Workshops deliver much-needed reminders and practical tools that every couple can benefit from.

Just as there is no such thing as a perfect person, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

Marriage Retreats, Conferences & Workshops are just as relevant and important for happy and ‘whole’ people as they are for hurting and unhappy couples

3) Connect with other couples striving for healthier marriages:  

One of the most helpful things is meeting and befriending other like-minded couples who are working to improve their marriages.  

Meeting & befriending couples who are of the same age group as well as different age groups could also lead to priceless life-long friendships.

Whether you are meeting couples who are in the same season as you or earlier or later seasons, it is always encouraging, inspiring and refreshing.

4) Your marriage needs it more than you think:

Like most of us, you may realize that your marriage isn’t perfect, but you think it’s normal and okay.  

But when you attend a Marriage Retreat or Conference, you will realize that your marriage can be so much greater – Plus you’ll get all the tools and support to take your marriage to the next level !

“CEOs spend millions of dollars crafting, casting, and executing vision for their companies. We, as husbands, need to place as much if not more value on the visions we have for our marriages.”
       – Ryan & Selena Frederick

“Marriage is a complex & important relationship that encompasses every area of life. Yet, despite this fact, most couples get married with little or no preparation, & continue on that way. They give their marriage far less preparation than they would give any other life-changing event. Most married people spend more hours on computer training than they do on developing their marriage skills.”            – Jimmy Evans

“When you work together to assist or cheer up people whom God leads you to help, you double your impact for good & make your marriage happier as you make others happier. As Christian spouses, God has ordained you to serve others as a team: Make a list of kind acts you can do together (include some you can do anonymously). Mentor others to help them have better marriages; sponsor an impoverished child together.” – W.H.


“Godly married friends are vital to a healthy marriage. They sharpen you, encourage you, support you, and keep you trusting Jesus when storms hit. We would not be who we are without godly friends; no question about it.” – Ryan & Selena Frederick



Our lives should be more than just focusing on our marriage but on focusing our marriage toward what God’s mission is for us as a couple.”  Francis Chan

We should make sure we live our lives so we interact with our spouse in a way that Christ would have us. We are not an island unto ourselves – both within marriage, & within the world. Be mindful that there is a “cloud of witnesses” watching us.

Money is amoral – neither good nor evil in itself. When money is a problem in a marriage or a family, the financial problems are usually just the tip of the iceberg. Hidden beneath the surface usually lies the iceberg of selfishness. Marriage demands commitment & apart from sexual fidelity, nothing is more important than maintaining a commitment to each other when it comes to what we do with our money.” – Joe Gatuslao

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